SaaS Escrow

Mitigate the risks of using SaaS applications

SaaS Overview

Cloud computing has ushered in “Software as a Service” (SaaS) as a viable and growing business solution. This new solution brings efficiencies, scalability and other recognized benefits. However with these benefits the SaaS subscriber no longer has direct access to a running copy of the software and more importantly their own customer data. As such they are at risk for the following:

  • Sudden, temporary or long term loss of access to critical SaaS services.
  • Lost customer data

EscrowTech has created cost effective, and efficient solutions to streamline the timely availability of SaaS services, and data to the SaaS subscriber in the event the SaaS vendor’s solution is lost.

Help reassure your SaaS subscribers that using your SaaS application is a safe choice.

Different Packages

Streaming deposits – EscrowTech’s RealTimeVault allows customers to set up automatic deposits for their escrow eliminating much of the work required to keep an escrow up to date. Under a Level 2 SaaS Escrow, data is copied monthly onto media and stored in escrow. Under Level 3 SaaS Escrow, data is transferred to the data center and the SaaS application is populated with the SaaS data.