Open Source Due Diligence

EscrowTech now provides an Open Source Due Diligence service known as CodeMiner

Find potentially damaging open source

EscrowTech's CodeMiner Service

CodeMiner is a new service available from EscrowTech to attorneys to enhance the value and sophistication of their legal services. EscrowTech scans software (source code and object code) to detect the presence of open source programs. EscrowTech generates a report that discloses the open source programs and their corresponding licenses.

For example, if the software includes code from an open source project licensed under the GNU General Public License, the report will identify the open source project and the applicable GNU General Public License. The report provides valuable and actionable information to venture capitalists and other investors and their attorneys.

When should you use CodeMiner?

CodeMiner provides value in any of the following situations:

  • One of your portfolio companies desires to acquire a software company. Use CodeMiner to determine if the software products of the software company include open source programs not owned by the company.
  • You desire to invest in, or make a loan to, a software company. The company's software products may represent the primary value of the investment or the primary collateral securing the loan. You need to know if open source programs are diminishing the value of the investment or collateral.
  • One of your portfolio companies is acquiring a software product from a software company. Is your company buying a problem because the software product is contaminated by GPL code? Use CodeMiner to find out.
  • One of your portfolio companies is paying a developer to develop software for your company. The development agreement may include warranties against the inclusion of open source programs, but how do you know if the developer is complying with these warranties? Use CodeMiner to verify compliance with the warranties.
  • One of your portfolio companies is a software company that desires to monitor and police its software developers. CodeMiner can help.
  • You are required to make warranties concerning open source programs in any of a variety of agreements. You can use CodeMiner to assess risks associated with the warranties. Problems that are identified can be remedied or made exceptions to the warranties.