Software Escrow and Technology Escrow Fees

Account Type Per Account Per Beneficiary Additional Products Setup Fee
Single Beneficiary (Licensee)
$1295 /yr - - $995
Multiple Beneficiary - Separated Products
$1090 /yr $295 /yr $595 /yr $995
Multiple Beneficiary - Separated Escrows
- $1295 /yr - $995
Multiple Beneficiary - Separated Products - Alternate fees
- $1495 /yr - -
Multiple Beneficiary - Minimum Service
$1995 /yr - - $995
Multiple Beneficiary - Minimum Service - Separated Products
$1995 /yr - $595 /yr $995
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Our Customers
Our Customers
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Our Customers

What EscrowTech customers have to say

Mar 22
Consistently excellent service and prices for over 13 years
When we first needed software escrow in 2003, we were a new company of less than 5 people, and we had been asked for it by a prospective customer. They were a County government... read more

Todd S.
Feb 17
Good product
Provides service exactly as expected. Interface is reasonable, no problems accessing or managing items.

Mar 16
Reasonably priced
We have worked with Iron Mountain and NCC Group in the past. EscrowTech provides a better service at a more reasonable price. Their contracts are simple and easy to use. Code can be uploaded online.

Mar 16
Keep up the good work
We have stored our code with EscrowTech for the last couple years. They are always professional and quick to resolve any issue that may come up.

Mar 15
EscrowTech is amazing
We went to EscrowTech with a unique situation that required a very customized escrow agreement after being told by several escrow agents that they couldn't provide that service... read more

Mar 14
Easy to work with
I've worked with several escrow companies in the past and EscrowTech made what was a normally complex process easy.

Mar 14
Great service
We have been using EscrowTech for years. Professional staff and always willing to help.

Mar 14
Seamless process and very reliable.
They are very easy to deal with. They provide status reports on a timely basis. They also have templates for contracts with our customer which was a huge help.

Vincent Candela
Mar 21
Very easy and patient
Top notch to deal with and great communication

Mar 14
Easy to manage source code using upload tools.

D Middleton
Feb 24
Solid experience. Good company to work with. Good price.

Feb 23
Professional, Valuable and Friendly
We have been client's of EscrowTech for some time and store our code escrow for our products with them. The system is easy to use, the staff is professional... read more

Feb 23
Easy to do business with!
The process was simple, staff very helpful and knowledgeable!

Paul E. Szemplinski, CEO CAPSYS Technologies.
Feb 17
Great Overall Experience
Quick to respond, and easy to work with.

Feb 17
EscrowTech is very easy to work with
Have had products in escrow with EscrowTech since 2013 and everything has gone smoothly. Updates to escrow can be done online. Contracts are straightforward. Prices are reasonable... read more

Chuck Krutsinger
Feb 17
A bit daunting for first time users but with very friendly people to help.
Efficient service at a fair price. Flexible procedures and helpful people to guide you through the process.

Feb 16
Benign neglect on our part
We do not interact with EscrowTech regularly. It is being used as an insurance policy should the developer of our custom software go out of business. There is no friction... read more

Feb 16
Great Experience
Very easy to work with, good experience overall

Feb 16
Excellent service so far
We have had several experiences with escrow companies and we think we have a wonderful partner in EscrowTech.


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Additional Information about our fees and optional fees

Q: Updates

Unlimited updates are included within the annual fee.

Q: Guarantee

During the first year of your first escrow, if you are not satisfied for any reason, you may terminate the escrow and EscrowTech will fully refund the escrow cost paid by you.

Q: Fees Locked for 3 years

Predictable, fair and no unpleasant surprises.

Q: Invoicing

SB - The annual fee can be invoiced to the software vendor or beneficiary.

MB-SP - The Annual Fee and Extra Product Fee will be invoiced to Owner. Beneficiary Fee can be invoiced to Owner or Beneficiary.

MB-SE - The annual fee can be invoiced to either party.

Q: Vault Space

Fees include two cubic ft. for storage of Deposit Materials. If more space is needed, then the "Excess Storage Charge" is $70 per year per cubic ft. in excess of two cubic ft.

Q: Release Fees

$250 per release to a Beneficiary.

Q: Alternative Fees

*The alternative fees shown above for MB escrow is intended to give an Owner the option of having the fees paid by the Beneficiaries. For the Owner, this is a "no fee" approach to the escrow (except for the Excess Update Fees and Excess Storage Charges, if any). An escrow requires two or more Beneficiaries to be eligible for this alternative pricing.

Q: Optional File Listing Fee

The File Listing will include file listings for up to four deposits a year for $595 annually.

Q: Customization

If the above does not seem to fit your needs, please contact us and one of our consultants will be happy to discuss a custom plan that meets your needs.