Intellectual Property Archive Fees

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Number of Clients: Annual Renewal Fee Initial Archive Fee
One Client
Download IP-A One Client agreement
$1595 /yr $995
Two Clients
Download IP-A Two Client agreement
$2395 /yr $995
Q: About IP Archives

IP Archives

Q: Release Fees

$395 per release of Deposit Materials to Client.

Q: Inspection Fees

$295 per Inspection. Plus $125 per hour for an EscrowTech representative attending.

Q: Vault Space

Fees include two cubic ft. for storage of Deposit Materials. If more space is needed, then the "Excess Storage Charge" is $70 per year per cubic ft. in excess of two cubic ft.

Q: Special Services

Standard rates of personnel performing a special service ranges from $125 to $300 per hour.

Q: Fees Locked

The Agreement will guarantee that Fees will not increase during the first three years!