Searching for answers. Top view of man holding note pad with question mark on it while standing on the wooden floorEscrowTech maintains its primary offices at the Technology Law Center south of Salt Lake City, Utah. This is also where your deposited materials are stored – inside a dedicated, secure vault. The multiple levels of security that keep this site safe include video monitoring networks, card-key systems, constant surveillance, and a fire suppression system. This maintains security and safety for your escrowed materials, but the purpose of escrow isn’t only to plan for what you expect. It’s also to protect you and your company from the unexpected.

That’s why we maintain off site storage in a second location. We call this our Perpetual Storage Vault, and it’s located in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Literally located inside the Rocky Mountains, the location uses both the natural protection of tons of granite and the technological protection of advanced security to keep additional copies of your materials safe and accessible. It’s built to withstand even the worst natural and man-made disasters.

At no additional charge, backups of escrowed materials and vital records are kept inside a fireproof vault of concrete and steel. This is surrounded by the granite of the mountain in which it’s built. Temperature and humidity are kept constant according to federal requirements for archival storage. At 6,000 feet above sea level, it is protected from flood, earthquake, and even bomb. Not only is it protected, it’s also designed to keep running – an independent power source keeps environmental conditions inside the vault steady even when the power grid’s knocked out. An armed security force uses constant electronic surveillance, three security gates, and a 12,000 pound door to keep your backup materials safe.

It might seem like overkill to some, but if anything local happens, from unexpected power loss to major disaster, you need to know that your data and technology are accessible from multiple locations.