iStock_000030895028_SmallCloud computing has popularized the approach to software solutions known as “Software as a Service” (SaaS). It enables many businesses to use software located in a vendor’s cloud instead of their own infrastructure.  Because of this many businesses find themselves relying on cloud computing and data storage for their day-to-day operations. Yet cloud computing is still a fairly new industry with many rules yet to be written. As an industry, it moves rapidly, with acquisitions, changes in support structure, and interruptions in service still being fairly regular occurrences. How does a SaaS escrow play a part in protecting your Software as a Service rights?

When a cloud computing or storage service experiences an interruption for any reason, you need to be able to access your data and the software you rely upon. You need to have full rights and access to that software and your data.  SaaS Escrows are designed to solve this problem.  A SaaS Escrow provides the legal structure to give the subscriber rights to use the software along with storage of the software and their customer data.  Furthermore, a level 3 SaaS Escrow can have the ability to go live with a substitute SaaS solution within 24 hours of notifying EscrowTech of an interruption in your services.

The substitute SaaS solution is based off the software vendor’s production environment, which allows for a quick restoration so business can continue.  EscrowTech uses RealTimeVault to automatically update customer data to help ensure the SaaS Escrow is kept up to date.

It all starts with idea that the subscriber should never be without core business services.  Our goal is to make sure that, in the still-evolving industry of SaaS, you’re fully able to continue your business’s operations even if your cloud computing company goes out of business or is acquired.