Working at officeLet’s say you’re a licensee who has faith in the software developer with whom you work. You’ve heard good reviews from other business owners about their professionalism and courtesy. As a precaution based on your lawyer’s advice, you’ve taken out an escrow agreement for the software on which your business relies, protecting yourself, the developer, and your business relationship with them against unforeseen circumstances.

Over time, your trusted software developer goes out of business, or is acquired by another company, or has to cut back during hard times. Whichever way, the support and maintenance required to keep your software operations efficient just isn’t there anymore. It’s time to trigger a release on that escrow agreement.

The only problem is, the software that’s been escrowed isn’t complete. Maybe it’s an older version than you use, or a basic version that lacks the customizations the developer made for you. Maybe there’s just a key piece missing – it happens.

Sometimes these mistakes can be intentional, but much more often, they’re just due to human error. The software industry is a very fast pace and complex industry.  With ever narrower deadlines, increasingly complex software and a host of other issues, certain things can slip.  Certain things lose priority.

You don’t want your business to be one of those things, and there’s an easy way to avoid mistakes like these. EscrowTech offers a multi-level Technical Verification. EscrowTech will take source code and software that’s been escrowed, and check its completeness.  Depending on the level of technical verification EscrowTech can build the solution and even host it so that the licensee can perform testing to ensure the escrow is complete.

We offer these services because mistakes happen and they’re very often unintentional. Circumstances for businesses change all the time. Personnel and services change. Everything evolves. It’s our job to provide stability through our services, to catch what falls through the cracks so that relationships can remain as professional as they start. Utilize EscrowTech’s Technical Verification services to protect yourself and maintain the trust that successful business relationships are built upon.